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  What Is A Sports Medicine Doctor  
  A Sports Medicine doctor is specialized in diagnosing, treating and managing musculoskeletal and medical problems in adults and children, including but not limited to:  

1)   Fractures
2)   Sprains
3)   Strains and other muscle injuries
4)   Ligament injuries
5)   Dislocations
6)   Stress Fractures
7)   Growth plate injuries
8)   Tendon injuries
9)   Overuse injuries
10) Cartilage injuries
11) Sports Concussions
12) Activity-related back pain
       -Including spondylolysis, scoliosis, muscle         strains, disc herniations,etc.
13) Nutritional and supplemental issues
14) Disordered eating in the athletes
15) Heat Illness
16) Athletes with acute/chronic illness
      -Including Infectious mononucleosis, Sickle        cell disease/trait,Diabetes in the athlete,        Exercise-induced Asthma
17) Injections (corticosteroid, trigger point, and       platelet-rich-plasma)
18) Sports Physicals

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